How it works

Set aside a portion of each paycheck for future vacations into an FDIC insured Vacation Savings Account, or "VSA". Set a funding goal and watch as you save up toward your trip! When you're ready, you can book your flight and hotel directly on our site!

Convenient saving

Directly deposit a portion of your paycheck into your TernBooking vacation savings account as you save up toward your trip!

Save money on travel

Find prices lower than other online travel agencies. Plus your employer can contribute to your savings!

Plan ahead

Plan your itinerary, and when you've saved up enough, book your flight and hotel directly on the TernBooking site!

What our clients say

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Business Owner

"TernBooking is a great way for me to incentivize my employees to take vacations. They end up happier and even more productive at work."

Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith

Travel connoisseur

"TernBooking is so cool! It's also a great retention tool!"

Michael Raffaele

Michael Raffaele

Small business owner

"Thank you for making it painless and free! This program helps me build a culture of healthy work-life balance.

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